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Echoes: The Pioneer Cemetery of Umfraville

Country Roads Magazine, Spring 2012

Standing in front of one stone I am overwhelmed: how heartbreaking to go through the hardships and sacrifices of carving a life out of the wilderness, only to helplessly watch as your children take ill and die, one after another.

While I take photos, my guide heads back to the truck to turn it around.  But it gets stuck in the snow.  After failed attempts to get it free we start walking.  The sun is setting and the temperature is dropping, it seems, by the second.  I dig my hands deep into my pockets, and try not to think about bears or coyotes


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The Upside of the End of the World

Mystical Voices Magazine, Spring 2012

I can’t remember exactly when I started hearing prophesies that the world will end in 2012.  They snuck up on me.  We’ve all heard end of the world predictions before, and flipped the pages of our calendars as the dreaded dates approached, and then passed.

This one got under my skin though.

Maybe because weather patterns and natural disasters appear to be on the rise; maybe because ancient cultures have apparently predicted this approaching prophecy for thousands of years; maybe because the media has been cashing in on the story.  All these likely contribute.  But the biggest reason this prophecy has gotten to me, even though it is reminiscent of others before it, is because this time I am different.  This time I’m a mom.

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